Written // Thursday March 16, 2017

recently watched Minimalism, Alone (tv show), Gone Girl, Abstract in Netflix. Platon and Christoph Niemann were my favorite.

totally depressed over the amount of food we had to toss from our fridge and freezer after a 40+ hour power outage last week.

finished up The Focus Course and absolutely loved it. Someday I hope to write a review and tell how it’s changed me.

purchased a Week in the Life kit from Ali Edwards and it should arrive today! I'm not doing Project Life this year, so I'm looking forward to thoroughly documenting what a week looks like for us in mid-April.

brainstorming what I want my craft space to evolve too. I purged over half of my supplies last month, as well as the bed. My work space was part of our guest room which got very little use, so now it can be a full-on office and family craft room. Oh the possibilities... 

reading How To Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

writing, filming, writing, making, writing, editing for a new Big Picture Classes class that will go live in May.

loving Nicole Antoinette’s podcast and most recently, her episode with Cait Flanders.

Inspired by Derek Sivers + his now page movement.